Res. Projects

Theses Advising



            M.S./Ph.D. Theses Chairman

  1. Muhammad Saleem "Microbial evaluation of Al-Khobar wastewater treatment plants", 1997. (MS thesis)

  2. Mohammed Sajeed Farooqui "Combined electrooxidation and electrocoagulation processes for the treatment of municipal wastewater", December 2000(MS thesis)

  3. Mansoor Jehangir "Treatment of Industrial Wastewater by Electrochemical Process", January 2006. (MS thesis)

  4. Mufid M. Abu-Eideh "Effect of Electrodes Material on the Degradation of p-Cresol in Electrochemical processes", May 2010. (MS thesis)

  5. Ahmad M. Al-Sawalha "Electro-coagulation Treatment of Process Wastewater Produced from Water-Based Paint Manufacturing", April 2011. (MS thesis)

  6. Salihu Lukman “Study on Integrated Electrokinetics-Adsorption Remediation Technique for Simulated Removal of Heavy metals and Organics From Saline-Sodic Soil: Effects of Operating Parameters”. November 2013. (Ph.D. Thesis)


            M.S./Ph.D. Theses Committee Member

  1. Khalid Bashir "Plastic Quantifying crude oil spill volume in homogeneous and layered porous media from product thickness in monitoring wells", September 1997.

  2. Abdur-Rauf Mahsood "Quality changes of secondary effluent as it passes through amended sand column", December 1998.

  3. Mohammed Mujtaba Shareef "Multiobjective water resources planning under demand, supply and quality uncertainties", March 1998.

  4. Abid Maqsood Ahmad "Development of an equivalent dispersion coefficient for a complex contaminant transport model", November 2002.

  5. Muhammad Muhitur Rahman "Treatment of refinery wastewater using crossflow membrane bioreactor (CF-MBR)", December 2004.

  6. Syed Atif Malik "Treatment of the oil refinery wastewater using photocatalysis", May 2005.

  7. Sikder MD. Selimuzzaman "Treatment of Mixed Wastewater Streams Using TiO2-Mediated Photocatalysis", November 2006.

  8. Mahmood Abdur Rafey Siddiqui "Treatment of Simulated Petrochemical Wastewater by Means of Continuous Electrocoagluation-Ultrafiltration Process", December 2006.

  9. Omar Y. Bakather "Removal of lead and Chromium from Water by using Modified and nonmodified Carbon Nanotubes", June 2009.

  10. Abdulrazaq Zubair "Fate of Bromate Formation in Water Treated by Ozone-Based Advanced Oxidation Processes", June 2009.

  11. Bushra O. Ahmed "Effect of Chemical Species on the Degradation of Phenols in Electrochemical Oxidation Process", January 2010.

  12. Mohammad M. Chowdhury "Photocatalytic Treatment of Aqueous Phase Pollutants Using Modified TiO2", 2010.

  13. Mohammed Al-Mutair "Quantitative Assessment of Disinfection By-Products Formed by Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide and Ozone in Saudi Arabian Drinking Water", 2011.

  14. Fahd A. Al-Kaldi “Removal Mechanism Of Hexavalent Chromium And Cadmium From Water Using Four Different Forms Of Normal and Modified Carbon Adsorbents”  Ph.D dissertation June 2011.

  15. Nuhu A Abdulkadir “Analytical Methods Development for the Analyses of Organic Micro-contaminants in Environmental Matrices”, 2012

  16. Nuhu Dalhat Mu’azu “Electrochemical Oxidation of Phenol in Simulated Petrochemical Wastewater Using Boron-Doped Diamond Electrodes: Investigation of Effect of CN, NH4+ and S2- Presence” Ph.D dissertation, 20092