Dr. Mohammad A. Hassanain
Associate Professor
Architectural Engineering Department

Contact Information:

P. O. Box 541
  King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
  Dhahran 31261
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  Tel :   +966-3-860-3283
  Fax :  +966-3-860-3785

  Location: CED, Building 19 - 313

  E-mail: mohhas at kfupm.edu.sa

Academic Accomplishments

Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering, 2002.

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ranked 4 amongst 76 Full-time PhD students in Civil Engineering

Dissertation Title: "Integrated Systems for Maintenance Management"


Master of Science in Architectural Engineering, 1996.

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Thesis Title: "Design for Systems Replacement in Buildings"


Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering (Honors), 1993.

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Honors/Awards and Nominations

  • Received the Distinguished Teaching Award from KFUPM in 2007.

  • Awarded the Certificate of Completion of the Faculty Development Program at KFUPM in 2007.

  • A Lead Author for a Research Paper Nominated by the ASCE for Outstanding Paper Award in 2003.

  • Awarded a Post-doctoral Research Fellowship from the National Research Council of Canada in 2002.

  • Awarded a Graduate Research Assistantship, University of British Columbia, July 1997-January 2002.

  • Awarded a Graduate Research Assistantship, KFUPM, September 1993-January 1996.

Areas of Research Excellence

  • Facilities Engineering and Management

  • Quantitative Methods in Facilities Engineering and Management

  • Sustainable Development of Buildings and Infrastructure

  • Facilities Performance Evaluation

  • Facilities Fire Safety Management


Courses Taught

  • ARE 100 Introduction to Architectural Engineering

  • ARE 350 Architectural Engineering COOP Program

  • ARE 400 Senior Design Project

  • ARE 413 Construction Management

  • ARE 431 Building Economy

  • ARE 443 Computer Aided Building Design

  • ARE 490 Special Topics in Architectural Engineering

  • ARE 491 Special Topics in Fire Safety Management

  • ARE 514 Post-Occupancy Evaluation

  • ARE 516 Safety Systems in Buildings

  • ARE 520 Principles of Facilities Management

  • ARE 522 Facilities Planning and Relocation

  • ARE 599 Graduate Seminar in Architectural Engineering

  • ARE 610 Master Thesis

Selected Publications

  • Hassanain, M., Froese, T., and Vanier, D., (2003), Operations and Maintenance Management, Chapter 11, Volume 3, Workplace Strategies and Facilities Management: Building in Value, Edited by R. Best, C. Langston and G. De Valence, Butterworth-Heinemann Publishers, UK, ISBN 0 7506 51504.

  • Hassanain, M. and Harkness, E., (1998), Building Investment Sustainability: Design for Systems Replaceability, Minerva Press Publishers, London, UK, ISBN 1861064842. (The book was reviewed in Architectural Science Review,  (42)2: 101-102, June 2000). 

  • Hassanain, M., (2006), “Factors Affecting the Development of Flexible Workplace Facilities'', Journal of Corporate Real Estate, 8(4): 213-220. (Ranked amongst the top 10 papers most downloaded from the journal during 2007).

  • Hassanain, M., (2006), “Towards the Design and Operation of Fire Safe School Facilities", Disaster Prevention and Management, 15(5): 838-846.

  • Hassanain, M. and Al-Mudhei, A., (2006), “Business Continuity during Facility Renovations", Journal of Corporate Real Estate, 8(2): 62-72.

  • Hassanain, M. and Al-Mudhei, A., (2006), “Post Occupancy Evaluation of Academic and Research Library Facilities", Structural Survey, 24(3): 230-239.

  • Hassanain, M. and Saif, M., (2006), “A Systematic Approach for Fire Safety Audit in Health-care Facilities”, Architectural Science Review, 49(2): 109-115.

  • Hassanain, M. and Al-Mudhei, A., (2006), “Fire Safety Evaluation of Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities", Structural Survey, 24(1): 65-76.

  • Hassanain, M., (2005), “Guidelines for the Design of Water and Sewage Systems in Buildings", ASCE, Journal of Architectural Engineering, 11(4): 117-121.

  • Hassanain, M. and Abdul Hafeez, M., (2005), “Fire Safety Evaluation of Restaurant Facilities”, Structural Survey, 23(4): 298-309.

  • Hassanain, M. and Alashwal, N., (2005), “An Approach to Assess Fire Safety Requirements in Library Facilities”, Facilities, 23 (5 / 6): 239-252.

  • Hassanain, M. and Al-Saadi, S., (2005), “A Framework Model for Outsourcing Asset Management Services”, Facilities, 23 (1 / 2): 73-81.

  • Hassanain, M., Froese, T., and Vanier, D., (2003), “Framework Model for Asset Maintenance Management”, ASCE, Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 17(1), 51-64.  (One of 6 papers nominated for 2003 ASCE "Outstanding Paper" award).

  • Garba, S. and Hassanain, M., (2005), “A Review of Object Oriented CAD Potential for Building Information Modelling and Life Cycle Management”, Proc. of the First International Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design, E-Design in Architecture, 22-24 February, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.