Adel A. Abdou

They know enough who know how to learn

Adel A. Abdou

They know enough who know how to learn





The fellow who does things that count, doesn't usually stop to count them





    Areas of Research and Professional Consulting Interests

     Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control in Buildings

     Computer Applications in Building Design and Evaluation

     Building Systems and Environment / Building Energy Conservation

     Architectural Engineering Education


    Architectural Acoustics, Noise Control, Sound Quality in Enclosures, Acoustics Modeling
    and Simulation, Environmental Noise Impact Assessment, Traffic Noise
    Language, Interests and Skills

    Language: Arabic (Mother Tongue), and English (Fluent, spoken and written)

    Interests: Enjoy teaching and traveling

   Interested in learning about computers, software, and simulation in Building Engineering, particularly in Engineering and Room Acoustics (Research and Applications).

   Skills: Working knowledge of computer language (BASIC, FORTRAN), DATA ACQUISITION programming and control, signal processing and analysis.

   Good skills in CABD, Graphics (AutoCad, CorelDraw, etc.), and other specialized research software such as Room-Acoustics Simulation, Lighting Systems Design, Building Envelope Assessment and Design, and Noise Control, etc.

   Display of leadership quality, teamwork co-ordination and representation.

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