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Regulations and Conditions (Arabic, English)

Alsalam Alaikum wa Rahmat Allah

This page will blog all the announcements and news related to the 4th Student conference organized by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We will also try to post  answers to frequently asked questions (FQA).

I hope you the best in your contribution,

Dr. Ali Muqaibel

EE Coordinator for the 4rd Student Conference





This is a call for registering contributions to the 4th Student Scientific Conference. (29 April -2 May, 2013), Makkah, Umm AlQura University


Why to contribute ?

1)      It will be in Makkah ..where else you want to be. J. All accepted students will be sponsored. I am not sure yet about advisors but when it was in Jeddah they were supported to attend (no promise yet).

2)      Student will receive 1000SR if their paper is accepted by the University and ADDITIONAL  2000SR if it is accepted by the Conference. Additional incentive and rewards if the paper is among the winners (last year we had 4 from our department).

3)      Advisors will receive an incentive of 2000SR (one advisor per paper). Advisors have responsibility is in the table below.


What do you have to do?

Register your contributions (Tile and Abstract) by 23 of Dec. Student have received lots of e-mails since few months back and they should know how to access the system. Please encourage quality contributions as department committee will screen them out.  We are after quality….The first screening will be based on Turn it in.

Note that undergraduate students are highly encouraged and they have better chances to win. If you are advising a senior project and you have an excellent group .. please do ask them to register and revise their abstract.


Our plan of action is very tight and….. here you go


Important Dates and Deadlines for the 4th SSC:









Internal Registration and Uploading Abstract

by 23rd December

student responsibility

Preparing and revising the contribution

up to 25th of January

student and advisor responsibility

Submission the revised paper to department coordinators

by  25th of January

student responsibility

Preparation for the local forum

25th-31st of January

department coordinators

Local forum

2nd- 3rd February

department coordinators

2nd round review and passing comments to students

4th- 5th February

department coordinators, examiners, and advisors

Nomination of the KFUPM contributions in the 4th SSC

5th February

department coordinators

Final revision of the contribution

6th- 10th February

student and advisor responsibility

Uploading the contribution to the conference website

10th- 13th February

student responsibility (more details will be provided)

Confirmation of the uploaded contribution

14th- 15th February

Deanship of Student Affairs