Project Guidelines:
  1. Create a table by the name MEMBERS. Each member is a person who comes to the gym and does different workouts. This table is not available that is why you have to create yourself and try to include as many relevant fields as you can; [10 pts]
  2. All you have to do is to create relationships among the tables and EXPLAIN them why you chose those relationship types. For example, if you choose one relationship between tables A and B as one to many relationship, then explain why do you think its a one to many relationship. [25 pts]
  3. Create a switchboard for the database and try to include as many items as you can; [15 pts]
  4. Do the following queries:
  • Find out how many members do 'Beginners' workout. [10 pts]
  • Find out who does the 'Tai Chi' workout. [10 pts]
  • Find out workout details for 'Beginners' and 'Tai Chi' members. [15 pts]
  • Create a parameter query to find out description for any exercise. [15 pts]


Due date for project: Saturday, 21st January 2006 - 1:00 pm