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Organizations |BACK|

American Society for Quality
American Statistician Association
ASA - Quality and Productivity Section
The Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Science (INFORMS)




Auburn University - Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Arizona State University
Australian National University
Eidhoven University of Technology
Georgia Institute of Technology - School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Johannes Kepler University of Linz
Ohio State University - Industrial, Welding and Systems Engineering
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Electrical,
Computer, and Systems Engineering

San Jose State University - Industrial and Systems Engineering
United States Military Academy
University of Arizona
University of Pennsylvania
University of Technology - Munich
University of Virginia
Virginia Tech


Journals |BACK| (Click on the area of interest below)

Artificial Intelligence
Computer Applications
Human Factor Engineering
Operations Research
Project management & Design
Engineering Design and Automation
Production and Inventory Management
Quality, Reliability and Maintenance
Integrated Manufacturing Systems


Artificial Intelligence |BACK|
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing

Automation |BACK|
Automatic ID News
Circuits Assembly
Embedded Systems Programming
ID Systems
Industrial Computing
Motion Control
Pneumatics Online
Printed Circuit Design
Printed Circuit Fabrication
Real-Time magazine

Computer Applications |BACK|
Computer-Aided Design
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Computers & Industrial Engineering
Computers in Industry
Expert Systems with Applications
IEEE Transactions on Computers
International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Journal on Computing
Knowledge-Based Systems

Human Factor Engineering |BACK|
International Journal of Human Factors in Manufacturing
International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics
The International Journal of Cognitive Ergonomics
The International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction

Operations Research |BACK|
Annals of Operations Research
Applied Mathematical modeling
European Journal of Operations Research
Management Science
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
Mathematics of OR
International Journal of Modelling and Simulation
Operations Research
Operations Research Letters
Operations Research Spectrum
Organization Science
Transportation Science

Project management & Design |BACK|
Business Process Management Journal
Concurrent Engineering: Research and Applications
Decision Sciences
Engineering Optimization

Engineering Design and Automation |BACK|
IBM Journal of Research and Development
IEEE Intelligent Systems
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Part A
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Part B
IIE Transactions
Industrial Management and Data Systems
Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering
International Journal of Agile Management Systems
International Journal of Industrial Engineering
International Journal of Operations and Production Management
International Journal of Production Economics
International Journal of Production Research
International Journal of Project Management
Production Planning And Control
Systems and Control Letters

Production and Inventory Management |BACK|
Quality & Reliability Engineering International
Rapid Prototyping Journal
Research in Engineering Design
Supply Chain Management

Quality, Reliability and Maintenance |BACK|
Journal of Quality Technology
Quality Engineering
Quality Mangement Journal
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering
Economic Quality Control
International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management
Quality and Reliability Engineering
International Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety Engineering
Maintenance Journal (Asia Pacific)
Maintenance Managers Newsletter

Integrated Manufacturing Systems |BACK|
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture
International Journal of Robotics Research
Journal of Applied Manufacturing Systems
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing
Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering
Journal of Manufacturing Systems
Journal of Materials Processing Technology
Precision Engineering
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE,
London) - Journal of Engineering Manufacture (Part B)

Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing

SAE Technical Papers
SAE Transactions

Magazines |BACK|
Computer (IEEE Computer Society)
IEEE Spectrum
IEEE Solutions
Maintenance Technology magazines
Quality progress


Atiq Siddiqui, SE, KFUPM

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