List of Research Projects at KFUPM/RI Completed or in Progress

1.     Wind Energy for Remote Villages (PN CER2298) - Phase II, Saudi Electricity Company, Riyadh, In Progress, (Started on June 15, 2004).

2.     Study of Grid Connected Wind Farm (PN CER2297) Phase II, Saudi Electricity Company, Riyadh, In Progress, (Started on May 15, 2004).

3.     Study on Industrial Usage of Cement Kiln Dust (PN CER2294) Phase-I: Literature Review and Preliminary Experimental Investigation Arabian Cement Company, Jeddah, In Progress, (Started on June 20, 2004).

 4.     Study on New Cement Products (PN CER2280) Phase II Market, Technical and Economic Feasibility Eastern Province Cement Company, Dammam, In Progress (Started on June 02, 2004).

5.     Size Optimization of Concrete Thrust Anchors for Pipelines (PN CER2275) SAUDI ARAMCO, Dhahran, In Progress (Started September 01, 2003).

6.     Wind Energy for Remote Villages (PN CER2252) Saudi Electricity Company, Riyadh, In Progress, (Started on April 01, 2003).

7.     Study of Grid Connected Wind Farm (PN CER2251) Saudi Electricity Company, Riyadh, In Progress, (Started on April 01, 2003).

8.     Development of new cement based products for Eastern Province Cement Company (PN CER2243) Completed in October 2003.

9.     Corrosion Research (PN CER2209) Royal Commission, Completed July 2003.

10. Computer Program for Cost Estimation of GRC Elements (PN CER2230) - Arabian Tiles Co., Riyadh, Completed.     

11. Design and Fabrication of a Prototype Sitz Bath (PN CER2221) - Mohammad Al-Dossary Hospital, Al-Khobar, Completed December 2002.

12. Study of Corrosion in Pipes (PN-CER2215) Completed November 2002.

13. Thermal conductivity test for eight types of red clay brick wall samples (QCER1199), Yamama Red Bricks Factory, Completed.

14. Evaluation of Transparent Plastics exposed in Artificially Accelerated Weatherometer (QCER711) - Advance Electronic Co. Ltd., Riyadh, Completed.

15. Computation of Volume and Cost Estimates of GRC Elements (PN-CER2214) Completed, October 2000.

16. Storm Water Drainage Study of Dammam First Industrial City (PN-QCER682) Completed.

17. Investigate the Possibility of Replacing the Currently used MgCl2 Flakes by Deadsea Water or Drilling Brine (PN- QCER669) Completed.

18. Improvement of Process and Procedures in Al-Khorayef ESP Workshop (PN-QCER667) Completed.

19. Applied Research Management Support System (ARMSS) (PN10017) - Completed.

20. Comparative Study of the Performance of Hadeed Quenched Steel Bars with Other Products in the Market (PN25080)-Completed.

21. Development of a Scanning AC Impedance Probe for Determining Hydrogen Induced Cracking Susceptibility (PN25081) - Completed.

22. Anomalous Propagation Study - 12 Work Requests for Upper Air Meteorological Data Acquisition in Different Parts of the Kingdom-Completed.

23. Development of Management Information System for the Research Institute (PN1X002)-Completed

24. Testing of New Materials for Absorption and Reduction of Gaseous Pollutants from Automobile Exhaust Emission-Phase I (PN2X001)-Completed.

25. Anomalous Propagation Study (PN25023)-Completed.