Energy's One Way Trip

The flow of through life is not an cycle. The energy go round and round getting used over and over again and never out. Its passage through the food chain can better be described as and . As energy moves up the food there is less and less of it to go around. That's the main reason there very many big fierce compared to the herbivores. Not enough for them! A brief explanation goes something like the following:

Most of the energy that falls on the earth is not used by plants. It bounces back to space or the air, oceans, and ground, and makes weather, among other things.

The only get a bit of the solar energy that hits the .
The only get a little of the energy that hits the .
The and decomposers only get a little bit of the energy that was eaten by the . Most of the plant energy that is consumed by a is used by that herbivore to keep itself eating, breathing, walking, and staying warm. Only a little bit is left over for the carnivore or decomposer that eats the herbivore.

At the end of the chain there much of that original solar energy left. Therefore, we fresh everyday and new plants have to keep growing. Otherwise the whole amazing system would quickly run out of energy and everything alive would come to a "dead" stop.

Energy above (or jumps in bites?) from sun to primary producers () to primary consumers () to secondary consumers () to decomposers (, etc.\

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