My research interests include optimization, block designs and algorithmic graph theory with application to problems of software engineering and project scheduling. I also fiddle with associative algebras. The following is a partial list of publications.
  1. M A Khan, A combinatorial proof of Fisher's inequality (in preparation)

  2. M A Khan and S Mahmood, Optimal component selection for component-based systems, (to appear in) Proceedings of International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering (CISSE 2009), Springer Verlag.

  3. M A Khan and M K Siddiqui, A tool for quantitative quality assessment of network based schedules, (to appear in) Proceedings of International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering 2010

  4. (with M H Omar et al) Study behavior in a preparatory mathematics program: a case of bilingual Arab pre-university students, (to appear in) Proceedings of The First International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics (AUS-ICMS'10)

  5. M A Khan, A note on Fisher's inequality for BIBDs (in preparation)

  6. M A Khan, New lower bounds for the number of blocks in balanced incomplete block designs, Math arXiv preprint no 0809.2282

  7. M A Khan and M Aslam, Polynomial equations in radicals, Kyungpook Mathematical Journal 48(2008) No 4, 545-551, MR2499937

Funded Projects at KFUPM

  1. (with S Mahmood), An Integrated Requirement Analysis and Component Selection Approach for CBS (to be submitted to DSR)

  2. (with B Yushau et al), A Comprehensive Appraisal of Preparatory Year Mathematics Program at KFUPM: A comparative analysis with internationally well known similar programs (in progress DAD project)

  3. (with M H Omar et al), Predictors of Student Performance in Preparatory Mathematics Courses at KFUPM (completed DAD project)

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