King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Faculty of Science Math Per -Year Program

Math 002- term 032

Worksheet (5.1-5.5)


Question1: Find the exact value of :



Question2: Verify each of the following identities:





a) If , then find the angle that is supplement to .

b) Convert the angle from radian to revolution.

c) Find 2 positive angles and 2 negative angles in radian that are

are coterminal to the angle .

c) Express in terms of .

d) Determine the sign of : .


a) If and terminates in quadrant II find : .

b) If the point is on the terminal side of an angle where

, then find .

c) If the terminal side of an angle contains the point ,then

find .


d) If and find .

e) If the terminal side of the angle lies on the line

find .

f) Let corresponds to the point on a unit circle . Find :




Question5: True or False:




a) A wheel on a truck has a diameter of feet .How far does the truck move as the wheel turns through an angle .


b) A wheel is rotating at 100 revolution per minute ,find the angular speed in radian per second.


c) An object is moving on circle of diameter 80 cm .if it makes 5 revolutions in 2 seconds, find:

a)     its angular velocity.

b)    its linear velocity.