King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Faculty of Science Per-Year Program

Math 002- term 032

Sections: 4.2-4.3



For the following functions:


1)     sketch the graph

2)     find , if any, the intercept and the intercept

3)     find the domain and the range

4)     determine , if any, the interval(s) of increasing

5)     determine , if any, the interval(s) of decreasing

6)     find the asymptote(s)

7)     find , if any, the inverse function




a)     Find the domain of the function

b)    Find the range of the function

c)     Let. Find



The graph of an exponential function passes through the point, find the value of.



If a bacteria population starts with 100 bacteria and doubles every three hours, then the number of bacteria after hours is .

When will the population reach 6400?