Name               : Luai Mohammad Saleem Al-Labadi

Date of Birth     : 10/4/1974

Place of Birth    : Tulkarm / Palestine

Marital Status    : Married

Nationality        : Palestinian holding jordanian passport






1.      (1992 - 1997): B.Sc. degree in Mathematics /University of Jordan

2.    (1997- 2000):  M. Sc. degree in Mathematics / University of Jordan


2.        Thesis title : ( Design and analysis of experiments: Thesis title “Statistical analysis of
                                                 some confounded asymmetric factorial  Designs” )  






1.       H. Hilow, L. Al-Labadi “Linear Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Asymmetric Factorial Experiments”. Accepted for publication in Mu’tah journal this year in the coming volume.

2.       H. Hilow, L. Al-Labadi “Systems of Confounding for Asymmetric Factorial Experiments”. Accepted for publication in DIRASAT journal next year (First volume).


·         Mu’ta  journal published quarterly by Mu’tah University / Jordan.

·         DIRASAT :Published by the deanship of Academic Research, University of Jordan.






 Dos, Microsoft office, FORTRAN, SAS, SPSS, Flash 5, Front Page, HTML, WebCT, and math applications.






09/2002 -

Lecturer at the Department of Mathematical Sciences .

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, DHAHRAN   KSA .

( ).

08/2001 - 08/2002

Teaching Mathematics at the Kingdom Schools. RIYADH  KSA.

( ).

09/1998 - 09/2000

Teaching assistant at  the Math  Department of University of Jordan,



09/1997 - 08/1998

Teaching  Mathematics at Amman, Amman  Jordan .

 ( ).






  1. Math 001: College Algebra and Trigonmetry (PartI)
  2. Math 002: College Algebra and Trigonmetry (PartII)
  3. CAL :  Computer Math Applications
  4. Calculus 101,102
  5. Math 151:Fundamental Math  marketing
  6. Method of statistics I
  7. Linear Algebra I





  1. I attended the following wrokshops:

a)      Critical thinking

b)      WebCT

c)      Methods of Teaching Mathematics


  1. I Prepared two short courses  The Use of  Modern Technology for High School  Math Teachers ( Males and Females )   at  KFUPM.


COMMITTEE WORK ( activities and contribution)


* Learning Resources Committee :

a) Prepare appropriate manual ,handouts ,posters

                                                            b) Arrange video broadcasting

                                                            c) Remedial classes arrangement 

                                                            d) Ensure the coverage of the required exam material

e) Prepare the syllabus of the following term


* Exam Committee:  

a) Prepare all exams

b) Type the exams and prepare different versions

c) Prepare exam solution  and grade distribution

d) Grading policy

                                   e) Arrange with exam center 

                                    f) Arrange with scheduling committee to distribute and collect exam  booklets in  the exam  day.


* Web Resources Committee:

a) Updating the Prep-Year website

b) Evaluate and search for e-pack


* Planning Committee:

a) Make long range plans 

b) Follow-up

c) Set-up

d) Review the course content

c) Review the textbook


*  Scheduling Committee:

a) Prepare the teaching Schedule

b) Allocate exam rooms and proctor assignments

c) Arrange with exam committee to distribute and collect exams 





Fluent in spoken and written English

Note : I attended two advanced courses in TOEFL










Luai Moh’d Al-Labadi

                        P.O.Box 642


                          Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia


                          Tel:- Home: 00966 3 8605459

                                  Office: 00966 3 8602845

                                  Homeland:00970 9 2660016

                                                   00962 6 5515026











1.       Dr. Hisham Hilow, Supervisor of master thesis. University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan. Email : .


2.       Dr. Fuad Kittane, Head of Math. dep. University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan.

Email: .


3.      Dr. Mohammad Afahour , Excutive maneger ,Kingdom Schools. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Tel.: (+966) (1) ( 2755555 ) .