Diploma Math Program

Math 003 - Term 031   (A)



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Part I: Multiple Choice Questions          (1.5 points for each question)


1)      The y-intercept(s) of the equation : is :






2)      The radius of the circle  is :






3) If the point lies in Quadrant II , then the point  lies in


       a) Quadrant I             b) Quadrant II           c) Quadrant II              d) Quadrant IV   

     on the axis   




4) If  is the midpoint of the line segment with end points  and ,

      then the value of equal to





5) Which of the following defines as a function  of  :








6) If   and  are two straight lines, then which one of the

    following is TRUE :







7) The equation of the line passing through  is :







8) The graph of the equation  is :


        two parallel lines                                  two perpendicular lines

       circle                                                     only two points










10) The domain of     is
















Part II : Written Part


Solve the following question



Given the function



i)                    Sketch the graph of                                                                        ( 3  points )
























ii)                   Determine the range of                                                                   ( 1 points )





     iii)         Determine the interval(s) where  is decreasing                           ( 1 point )