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UNIT 8 Vocabulary


Actually                                    aisle                                          analyse

Assessment                              astronaut

Balance                                    bald                                          ban

Bee                                          central                                      climate

Comment                                 commercial (adj)                       communicate

Communication             community                                compare

Compose                                 create                                       creative

Cruise                                      cure                                          damage

Decision                                   defer                                        definitely

Description                               design                                       destination

Develop                                   device                                      dialogue

display (v)                                domestic                                   education

elevator                                    employ                                     engineer

enroll                                        essay                                        even

explain                                      experience                                express

factory                                      fashion                                      fluently

health                                       homesick                                  hunched*

idea                                          imagine                         ingredients

injury                                        instant                                       involved

keyboard                                  licence                                      local

location                                    luxurious                                   maybe

medical                         might                                        miss (v)

monitor (v)                               muscle                                      neck

need                                         online                                       organize

overseas                                   own (adj)                                 pain

parallel                                     part-time                                  peace

permanent                                personal                                   pilot

plan                                          planet                                       pollution

powerful                                   predict                                      prediction

presentation                              prize                                         probably

products                                   protect                                     publish

purpose                                    quit                                           realistic

reason                                      recognize                                  recommend

relative                                     repair                                       repeat

replace                                     report (v)                                  responsibility

restate                                      review (v)                                 risk

robot                                        rocket                                      row (n)

satellite                         scales                                       semester

signal (v)                                   skill                                          solar

space                                       spaceship                                 speculate

strategy                                    structure                                   stuck

submit                                      summary                                   support

sure                                          technology                                terrible

thought                         transport                                   trip

unsure                                      upset                                        vehicle

virtual                                       wrist






dinner out

drop off

eat out

for good

get around

I suppose so

public transport


put on weight


space craft


stand for


traffic jam