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RMIT Pre-Intermediate Unit 10 Vocabulary



allergic                          architect                       attraction

celebration                    chat                              collect

comment                      complex                       conduct (v)

contemporary               contents                        conversation

decorated                     deliver                          description

design                           distribute

editorial                        event                            exhibition

express (v)                   facility                           festival

generation                     graphics                        habit

handy                           historical                       immigrant

impression                    inspire                          instruction

item                              labourer                        location

middle-class                 migrate             negotiate

notice (n)                      original             overall

overseas                       participate (v)               permanent

persuade                      pleasant                        point (n)

race                              recommend                  related

renovated                     research                       responsible

review (n)                     rules                             sequence

settled                          several                          sketch

steel                             suburb                          suitable

supporters                    survey (n)                     timber

together                        topic                             traditional

tray                              trend                            trouble (n)

visual                            vote                              wallet