First, cut some onions and tomatoes (it depends on the amount of chicken and rice).  Then bring a cooking pot and put some oil in it and put in the cut onions.  Stir for 2 minutes.  Put in spices and salt and keep stirring until the stuff in the pot is cooked.  Then put in 6 glasses of water (it depends on the size of the chicken).  After that, put in the chicken.  Close the pot very well and leave it for half an hour or 45 minutes.  Now for the rice:  put some cups of rice in a goblet with warm water for 10 minutes.  Then remove the water and put the rice in the same pot with

the chicken on a fire ro 20 minutes.  Later, open the pot and have a delicious lunch.  Don’t forget to drink laban with the kabsah.


For any questions, calle Aiman Al-Haffar 0555666000



tening Writing Speaking.  Chose the skill which you want to improve.  If you feel that you are poor in Reading, chose it—same thing in other skills.  I think if you do that your language is going to improve day by day and you will feel after one month that your language has improved.

It will help you to find yourself in English.

And with best wishes…


I’m going to explain for you some information about the best way to learn the English language. First, go to the Google website and search for “or write the task of search:”


After that, you will see several websites.  Enter any website you prefer.  When you enter it you will see many choices.  Choose one, for example:  Reading Lis



How to Make Kabsa, by Aiman Al-Haffar

Information, by Abdullah Al-Dossari

it has a bad smell.  The smellis terrible; so I hate that.



Description:  Impressions of classmates, by Mohammad Al-Aboudi

Our class at KFUPM is the best class here.  I think my fellow students are very cooperative and that their behaviour is great and that their style is exciting.

One of the things is their style, which is exciting and interesting, and they are cooperative with each other.  As well, when anyone wants a sharpener or an eraser, all students give it to whoever wants it.

In conclusion, our class is always clean, but sometimes


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“Our class is clean, but sometimes it has a bad smell”