Worried husband.


Dear Worried Husband,


Some people need to lose a lot of weight, but 35kg in one year is too much.  Also, peoplewho diet should make sure that they eat healthy food while they are losing weight.  I suggest you encourage her to eat more and, if she wants, you should tell her to go to her doctor about her health.  She should get expert health.

SultanFat Problem


Dear Mr. Ziggy,

I have a big problem in my health.  When I go to any place, they talk about me and look at me and their faces becomes blackened.  I think they hate me and they don’t talk with me.  Mr. Ziggy, what can I do?

Mohammad  Al-Jasem


Dear Mohammad,

You should eat health food and trust in yourself.  Believe that you can make your

body very strong.

All the best wishes,

Mr. Ziggy



Next Friday,

My friends,

My ferry will take me to freedom.

My freedom says “yes” to me, “don’t be frightened from going forward.”

I should go to the pharmacy to take a Fefadol.

I don’t forget my friends because all of them are the same as frogs.



Dear Sultan(continued)

Poem “Freedom and Frogs” by Ahmad Al-Ghamdi

Narrative:  a story by Fares Al-Qahtani

One day in 1960, All students at Abha schools had a celebration at Abha main road.  The road was closed by all the people and many cars.  The prince Faisal attended this celebration.  Then the students started the celebration with theater action.  It was very exciting and funny.  Then all the people had many foods and drinks.  After this the students shook hands with the prince and all of them danced.  It was a very nice celebration.




Volume 1, Issue 1

“It was a very nice celebration”