Reporter:  What makes you feel happy?

Mazen:  Playing football.

Reporter:  What makes you feel unhappy?

Mazen:  When I watch TV and see a lot of children die in war.

Reporter:  Are you passionate about anything?

Mazen:  Yes, I am.  Weightlifting.

Reporter:  What is your favorite thing?

Mazen:  Nothing.



times, because they are very far from God, and they don’t listen to him.  But God is the most generous for all people.  I think it would be a good idea if you stay with good people.  This is the main advice for your and you should come back to Allah.  Why don’t you try to change your habits to the best, like drink juice instead of wine;  Quran instead of music, and get married instead of sleeping with any woman.  Finally, you must prey a lot in the Masjed and

Dear Jawad,

I’m “Some person.”  I’m 18 years old.  I’m very worried about death.  I do prohibited things all the time.  I listen to music.  I sleep with girls.  I drink wine.  Already, I’m very sad about myself.  Maybe any time I will die.  So I’m very afraid.  Please tell me what I should do.


Dear “Some Person,”

Some people make a lot of prohibited things some

read a lot of Qura’an.



Dear Sultan,

I am very worried about my wife.  She has lost 35kg this year and she looks sick and skinny.  She will not eat anything when we go out and she drinks only diet soda and water.  What do you suggest we do?



Interview with Mazen Mankabu, famous student

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Matches.Me:  What do you feel optimistic about?

Abdullah:  I am optimistic that I will be successful.



Interview with Abdullah Al-Dossari, another famous student

My name is Khaled Al-Dughayem and I will interview Abdullah Al-Dossary?

Me:  What makes yoyu feel happy/unhappy?

Abdullah: My team winning makes me happy and my team losing makes me unhappy.

Me:  What’s your favourrite thing?

Abdullah:  Learning

Me: Are you passionate about anything?

Abdullah:  Football


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“When my team wins, I am happy.  When my team loses, I am unhappy” Abdullah Al-Dossary