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How to make a copy of the Gutenberg 2006 DVD.

1.  Download the Gutenberg ISO to a folder on your desktop with BitTorrent.  Once you have got pgdvd072006.iso extract it with RAR.  Your folder will now look something like this:

2.  Go to the Edit menu and down to Select All.  Then Ctrl+click on the iso icon, pgdvd072006.iso, so that it is not selected;  and go back to the Edit menu and "copy."

3.  Create a New Folder by right clicking on the desktop and selecting "New Folder." Give a name to this new folder, like DVD and right click to paste the contents of the extracted iso into the folder.  It will look something like this.

5.  Now open Nero Burning ROM, not Nero Smart Start, and not Nero Express.  It took me five spoiled dvd disks to find this out.  The first page that appears is this, with the actual Nero Burning ROM behind it.  Select DVD-ROM(ISO), and No Multisession, as in this screen shot:

6. Click on the tab that says ISO, and set the      to "ISO 9960 only,"  "(Level 1),"  and "ISO 9660 (standard ISO CD-ROM)."  Do not choose ACSI or DOS here, in the lower bar.  If you uncheck "Allow path depth of more than 8 directories," and "Allow more than 225 characters in path," Nero 9 will warn you that the Gutenberg dvd has these levels, so you should put a check in those boxes, as in the screen shot below.

7. Click on the "Label" tab and put gutenberg as the automatic label for your CD, like this:

8.  Now click on the box Icon with the page and the word "New," not Cancel, and you will get a browser something like this:

9. Find your DVD folder in the browser and simply drag it over to the Gutenberg or My Disk icon on the far left.  The files will start transferring and the green line will slowly reach 4500MB.

10.  You are now ready to start burning.  But before you do so, click on the "Disk Info" icon--the picture of a disk with an I-- to make sure there is an empty disk in the drive.  Sometimes you have to eject it and put it in again until Nero recognizes the empty disk.

11.  Also before burning you should go to start>My computer>CD (burner) drive, right click on the drive icon and go to properties.  Go to the "Recording" tab and be sure the drive is enabled for recording and set for a recording speed of about 2.  If you set it too low, your first attempt to burn will abort before spoiling the disk and while it is burning you will see the speed Nero is burning it and you will know what speed to set your CD burner drive to.  Mine has to be set at 2x, as you will see below:

12.  Now click on Burn in the Nero Burning ROM window, and it will take about twenty minutes. 

Note:  when you put the finished DVD in your computer, it takes a while for it to automatically appear.  Eventually the choice to "View Folders" will appear.  Go down to the Internet Explorer Icon that says index.htm and click on it.  After an agonizingly long wait, eventually the Gutenberg page will open.