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Yesterday, I noticed that in Unit 6 of RMIT Pre-Intermediate, they introduce tag questions.  I recorded some dialogues with tag questions from New Headway Intermediate and tried them out in class.  The students noted that in Arabic they don't use, "A lasi kthalik?--isn't it? very much.

Strange that in English we say "aren't I?" instead of "am I not?"  In the Murphy, Essential English Grammar, they introduce the Expression of surprise, "Am I?"  I found it very British, and as we were practicing it in class--a good way to get the students used to using the verb to be--the students asked me if there were an American equivalent.  After class I realized that Americans say, "I am?" to note interest or surprise:

You're late.

--Am I?  I'm sorry.  (Murphy)


You're late.

--I am?  I'm sorry. (American

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