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Listen and repeat the sentences as I read them correctly so that you get a feel for the correct English language usage in these common English-learners' mistakes.


Homework 4, week 5. Tuesday 23. March
Editing and error correction

1. The teacher is satisfied about my work.

2. Who does like chicken in this class?.

3. He got married with a girl that he met during his vacation in China.

4 I am satisfied about your progress, but I am fed up with your lateness

5. Compared with this model, the Lexus is by far the best

6.There is no connection with the two crimes. They’re independent of each other

7. “Bill is not doing well in class.” You must. keep in mind that he is just a beginner in this level.”

8. Look directly at the sun is not good for your eyes.

9. Each of the students in our many classes are excellent.

10. If I had I million dollars, I will buy a new house.

Rewrite the following sentences making the necessary corrections.
1) I went to my room for studying. _____________________________________________________________
2) on last Thursday I met up with my best friend. ________________________________________________
3) The people think that friendship is important. ____________________________________________________
4) I visited many countries in my live. _____________________________________________________________
5) Each of the students are friendly. _________________________________________________________________
6) Before two years ago I studied there. ________________________________________________________
7) I boort a new Jacket for my brother. ______________________________________________________________
8) Their were many people at the swimming pool. _________________________________________________
9) Even though he like chocolate, he doesn’t eat it. ________________________________________________
10) What is the best movie have you ever seen?_____________________________________________________


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