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Restaurant Al Khobar

What I like about this restaurant is its nod to traditional style. The classic American cars parked out front  show an intriguing fusion of the old and the new.

Compare it with the Shada Palace below and other houses from the Asir region.



Abha lies in the south west of Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen. Itís a mountainous area with a surprising amount of greenery. Most visitors choose the summer time to visit when its altitude makes it pleasantly cool. When I visited the city in February 2002, clouds were rolling down the hills and it definitely had an out of season feel. Cable cars that ran between the peaks were out of service and the streets quiet. While much of Abha is new, there are traditional houses. They are dotted around the centre and still lived in. One place called the Shada Palace is open to the public and you can get an idea of how people used to live in the area.     

Shada Palace, Abha, Asir Region (South West) of Saudi Arabia

Built in 1927 for governors of the region, this building is now a museum open to the public.



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