Research Interest

 At a certain stage in my life, most of my teachers and colleagues believed that I was a “mathematical genius”! However, as the time goes on, mathematics seized to be easily accessible to me!!! In fact, I found my personal experience diametrically opposite to the well-known geographical law which states: The higher you go the cooler it becomes. However, what is more interesting is the fact that I don not get bored easily!!! Therefore, I moved on to ask WHY???  Intensive review of literature and personal experience reveal to me that my case is not peculiar (See for instance Hardy’s Mathematicians Apology or Hersh’s Mathematical Menopause, or, A Young Man’s Game), or conduct your own survey!!!.

This gives me the courage to generalize my question to WHY IS MATHEMATICS INACCESSIBLE TO MANY? And HOW CAN WE MAKE MATHEMATICS ACCESSIBLE TO MANY?. These are the questions that formed the basis of my research interest.

Since there are "infinitely" many ways one can search for the answers of these questions, independently or simultaneously, I decided to look at them simultaneously from two fronts:

  1. Technology and Mathematics

  2. Language and Mathematics

Although I am still a students in these domains, all my research reflections these days revolve round the two questions using the two approaches. It has been a rewarding and quite interesting endeavor!!!