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Check for Office Updates
Find out which Office Updates I need
Find out which Office Updates I need
The scanning process can take up to one minute over a 56.6 Kbps connection.
If "Windows Installer 2.0" appears as a required update in the scan results, make sure to install it first and then come back to scan your computer again. More Information...
More About Office Updates
Run detection now
Office XP Service Pack 2 and Office 2000 Service Pack 3 are now available. Run detection now to see if you need to install them.
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To download updates and install them manually, search for the update you need in the Office Download Center. You can also order Office Service Packs on CD-ROM.
Get tools for administrators
Find tools and information for Office administrators deploying Office updates inside an organization.
About Office Updates
"What are Office updates and why do I need them?" Plus other frequently asked questions.
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