Resume     Trainings Attended



bullet Introduction to WebCT (Oct., 2003)
bullet Mysteries of Medieval Islamic Mosaics Dec., 2003)
bullet How to work with the Astrolabe  (Dec., 2003)
bullet Content Development for Web-based Courses using Macromedia Authorware (Feb., 2004)
bullet Workshop on Industrial Mathematics (Feb., 2004)
bullet Online Course Content Development Using Macromedia Flash (Feb., 2004)
bullet Developing the Comm. Skills of Students (Sept., 2004)
bullet Active Learning to Foster Critical Thinking (Sept., 2004)
bullet Using Groups and Student Teams to Promote Learning (Sept., 2004)
bullet Workshop on Designing E-learning Materials (Oct., 2004)
bullet Web Design Using Macromedia Dreamweaver (Feb., 2005)

Adobe Photoshop for Beginners (Feb., 2005)



Last updated: Wednesday March 30, 2005