Homework Set (5)


This homework set is due on Tuesday (26th of Muharram) at 10.00 p.m.

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Please solve fully and clearly, state assumptions, circle final answers, and comment wisely (when applicable).


Do not discuss this homework with your colleagues in any way, shape or form!


Question #1:

A free electron system consists of (N) atoms, having electrons of mass (m), in a 3-D lattice of dimensions (L3).



Question #2:

The pressure (P) exerted by the electron gas is:

P =


where E is the system's ground state energy, N is the number of electrons in the gas system.


The bulk modulus (B) and compressibility (K) are derived through the relation:


B = 1/K =


Show that this gives approximately 9 GPa for sodium and 3 GPa for potassium.


How does this compare with experimental results?



Question #3:



Question #4:

e-mail me ( two web-site URLs that describe the free electron model and the expected behavior of metals regarding heat and electricity.