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Office Hours:  U, T at 11.00 - 11.50 a.m. (or by appointment


Kindly note that the Official phys-101 site


For the general outline of policy and syllabus, click here.

Please be aware of the two handouts:

1- Hand out on significant figures

2- Hand out on dimensional analysis



Please come to the lab session:

1- on time

2- reasonably well-dressed

3- ready to conduct your experiment

3- with your textbook, notebook, calculator, and pen

4- prepared because there are usually quizzes in the beginning of the sessions.





Relevant Web-sites:

Physics Laboratory Safety:

Goals of the Introductory Physics Laboratory:

Error calculator:

A Laboratory Manual for Introductory Physics:






sound bites: 1, 2, 3

video clips: 1, 2, 3



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