1. Begin!


A Sine Wave frozen in time (a snapshot) can be written as: y = A sin (kx), the displacement y as a function of x. A is the amplitude of the wave and k is the wave vector, related to the wavelength l as k = 2p/l. So one can see that our wave y repeats itself (periodic) when x is incremented by x' given by kx'=2p, which means for x' = 2p/k=l!

Let us start by assigning values to some cells. Assign the values of p, wave vector k = 2p, and amplitude A = 0.03 for the cells E3, E4, and E5 respectively. For p the formula '=4*atan(1)' is typed in the cell E3, ATAN is the formula for tan-1 in EXCEL. Look at the illustration below:

Also the cell C8 is assigned the value 0.005.