HW # 4
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PHYS 422 Nuclear and Particle Physics (3-0-3)

Second Semester 2004 (032)

Text Box: Due Monday 29-2-1425 H





Homework # 4  


HW#4P1: Krane 5.1


Give the expected shell-model spin and parity assignments for the ground states of (a)  7Li;  (b)  11B;  (c)  15C;  (d)  17F;  (e)  31P;  (f)  141Pr.


HW#4P2: Krane 5.3


The level scheme of Figure 5.6 would lead us to expect for the ground state of, while the observed value is . A similar case occurs in  207Pb (N=125) and 199Hg  (N = 119), where is expected but  is observed. Given that the pairing force increases strongly with , give the shell-model configurations for these nuclei  that are consistent with the observerd spin-parity assignments.



HW#4P3: Krane 5.10


By tabulating the possible m states of three quadrupole ( = 2) phonons, and their symmetrized combinations, show that the permitted resultant states are 0+, 2+,3+,4+, and 6+.


HW#4P4: Krane 5.13


                  The levels of 174Hf show two similar rotational bands, with energies given as follows (in MeV):


                                    E(0+)      E(2+)    E(4+)     E(6+)     E(8+)    E(10+)        E(12+


                  Band 1       0            0.091    0.297     0.608     1.010     1.486       2.021

                  Band 2       0.827     0.900    1.063      1.307     1.630     2.026      2.489


                  Compare the moments of inertia of these two bands, and comment on any difference.