Grading Policy:

Lab Reports                        100

Homeworks & Quizzes        50

Final Exam                           50

Total                                    200


Schedule For Experiments


Homeworks: Hw1     Hw2


                            Lab Report No.4

                    PLOTTING WITH EXCEL


Final Grades:              Sec. 82                       Sec. 76


  1. The grades are not final. You have the chance to discuss your grades, final exam & Hw2 on Mon 12-3 pm, Tues 10 am - 3 pm. You can also call me on 0506013361 for an appointment if the times above are not convenient. The final grades will be submitted to the department by Tuesday 3:00 pm.
  2. There will be a help session on Tuesday 8:00 pm in Building 6 Room 163. I will solve an old final exam.
  3. One of you missed his calculator in one of the last two experiment. The calculator is with Mr. Gado; he can collect it from him.