Physics 011


Chapter 12: Sound

Chapter 12


Practice Problems




A sound wave has a frequency of 1040 Hz. The air temperature is C. To the nearest tenth of a meter per second, what is the speed ?



To the nearest centimeter , what is the wavelength of the sound in problem 1)?



Two speakers are both emitting sounds ,the first with an intensity level of 1x10 w/m^2 and the second with an intensity of 1x10-10 w/m^2. What is the db level of the first?



What is the difference in the decibel (db) level of the two sounds in problem 3)?



What is the fundamental frequency (to the nearest Hz) of an open cm long organ pipe if the air temperature is 30 degrees Celsius?



In problem 5, what would be the correct answers if it were a closed organ pipe ?



The air temperature is 20 degrees Celsius and you are travelling at meters/sec toward a speaker emitting a sound at 1000Hz, which is travelling away from you at a speed of 30 meters/sec. To the nearest Hz, what is the frequency you hear?



In problem 7, what would be the answer if the speaker were travelling towards you?