The Eclipses

Below are some important differences between the solar and the lunar eclipse:-

  1. The lunar eclipse occurs at the same instant all over the world, while the solar eclipse occurs at different times in different areas. For example, if a lunar eclipse begins at 20:00 UT, all countries at which the Moon is above the horizon will witness that eclipse beginning at the same time. But if it is a solar eclipse, it is not necessary to see the eclipse from different areas at the same time.
  2. The percentage of an eclipsed Moon is the same anywhere in the world, while the percentage of the eclipsed Sun is not the same all over the world, e.g. some countries may see a total solar eclipse while others don't see any thing even though that the Sun is above the horizon in these areas !

The Lunar Eclipse.

The Lunar Eclipses Through The Year 2000.


Remarks concerning the table:-

The Solar Eclipse.

The Visible Solar Eclipses from Jordan Through The Year 2010.


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