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 Course Instructor:  Dr. Ali Mohammad Al-Shukri


PHYS 215 ( Introduction To Astronomy )



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  Recommended Astronomy Websites  

Astronomical Resources                   

Home Page of the Author of the Text Book

Other Websites

Islamic Astronomy  

Khalid Shaukat's MoonSighting Page

SpaceWeather.com by: Dr. Tony Phillips
Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment.

Information About  Planets, Stars, etc.

Planetary Fact Sheets

*Visit  NSSDC Planetary Home Page




* Views of the Solar System  by Calvin J. Hamilton 




Sample Questions

   ThinkQuest Site

Astronomical Software      and      ASTRONOMY - FREE SOFTWARE

More Astronomical Software               

Planettarium Software

   A Free program to draw sky charts: For use with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Some Information about Astronomy in Arabic:

                 copied from the Home Site of the Egyptian Ministry of Education:

تكنولوجيا الفضاء من موقع وزارة التربية والتعليم بجمهورية مصر العربية www.emoe.org/library/general/space/science/scince.htm  

الجمعية الكونية  السورية

الجمعية الفلكية الأردنية

Syrian Cosmological Society

Jordanian Astronomical Society

  Qatif Astronomy Society جمعية الفلك بالقطيف


 Light and Color


The Nine Planets


Astronomy Websites

Links to other astronomy pages:

   Free online ephemeris program (ephemeris.com)

Sun-Earth Day 2004 Ancient Observatories/Timeless Knowledge

Index of Glossary terms