Astronomical Headlines

This page contains brief information on recent astronomical discoveries as reported in the International Astronomical Union Circulars (IAUCs) (published by the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams) and the Minor Planet Electronic Circulars (MPECs) (published by the Minor Planet Center), as well as links to ephemerides and orbital elements for comets and minor planets.


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Some Press Information Sheets are available.


Links to other sites, previously listed here, have been moved to the International Comet Quarterly home page.

Recent magnitude estimates for observable comets (as reported to the CBAT and the International Comet Quarterly).

Minor Planets

Natural Satellites



A list of recent supernovae is available, as is our on-line form for checking possible supernova candidates.

The best guide for ephemerides for forthcoming periodic comet returns is the annual ICQ Comet Handbook. Predicted elements for returns up to three years into the future are published in the Minor Planet Circulars. Ephemerides for all currently-observable comets may be generated in the CBAT/MPC Computer Service.

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A look at the Recent News above shows you what you have been missing by not subscribing. The uninvoiced e-mail delivery of both IAUCs and MPECs, via a subscription to our Computer Service, is currently only US$6 per month--a real bargain!

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