Questions about Chapter 6: Force and motion-II

Question  No:1

 The driver of a 1000-kg car tries to turn through a circle  of radius 100 m on a flat circular road at a speed of 10 m/s. The actual frictional force between the tires and the slippery road is 900 N pointing to the center of the circular road. The car will:

 A. slide off to the outside of the circular road

 B. slide into the inside of the circular road

 C. make the turn only if it goes faster

 D. make the turn without slipping

 E. none of the other answers

Question  No:2

Block (A), with a mass of 50 kg, rests on a horizontal table top. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the  block and the table is 0.40. A string is attached to (A) and  passes over a massless , frictionless pulley as shown in   figure (8). Block (B), with a mass of 30 kg, is attached to  the other end of the string. Find the magnitude of the 
 accleration of block (B).

A. 3.6 m/s**2

B. 2.4 m/s**2

C. 0.0 m/s**2

D. 0.60 m/s**2

E. 1.2 m/s**2