Why is e-learning so important?

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Why is e-learning so important? 

Well, it is the catalyst that is changing the whole model of learning in this century – for school pupils, university students, for employees, for the ongoing training and development of professionals like doctors, nurses and teachers - in fact for just about anyone who wants to find out something on either a formal or casual basis.  Here are eight ways why I think e-learning is revolutionising learning:

  1. e-Learning means that you no longer need to spend long periods travelling to a location to attend a course; you can now have access to learning when you want it, at the time you want it – day or night, wherever you want it – at home, at work, in your local library.  For many students this has opened up a new, much more flexible and accessible world of learning that was previously closed to them due to disability or family circumstances, or perhaps due to the fact that the course they wanted was on the other side of the world.  In other words, there are now no longer any geographical constraints to learning; e-learning brings learning to people, not people to learning.


  1. e-Learning means that learning no longer needs to be a passive experience, with the learners all sitting in front of the teacher and “learning by telling”, e-learning makes learning an active experience.  The emphasis is on interactivity or “learning by doing".


  1. e-Learning makes learning exciting, engaging and compelling.  Hard and boring subjects can be made easier, more interesting and appealing with e-learning. 


  1. Learning is a social activity, and e-learning means that powerful and enduring learning experiences can be achieved, not just through content, but through the use of online communities and networks.

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