Physics 011 - Applied Physics I Spring 2005 (Term 042)

Course Schedule and Grading Policy


Instructor:      A. F. Salem

Office #           Bldg. 6 / Rm. 122

Tel #                860-1253




1)                Course Description:
A basic course covering the fundamental principles of Physics, experimental methodology, and problem solving techniques using examples from the areas of Mechanics, Heat, Electricity, and Magnetism.


2)                Textbook: "Physics Principles with Applications", by D. C. Giancoli, Fifth Edition, Prentice Hall, Inc. (1998).


3)            Method:             The course material will be presented in: lectures (3 hrs/week), lab work (3 hrs/week) and problem-solving techniques will be shown in recitations (1 hr/week). Attendance in lectures, recitations and Labs is compulsory.


5)      Grading Policy


(A)          Course grade: The course grade will be evaluated as follows:


                                                                %age                     Grades


Class-work                                            15%                        A+   80                  53  C    <  60

Laboratory                                             20%                       77  A   <  80          47  D+ <  53

First major exam                                  15%                      73  B+ <  77          41  D   <  47

Second major exam                             20%                       67  B   <  73                    F   <  41

Final exam                                            30%                       60  C+ <  67




                 (B)          Laboratory work

          The lab work score will be based on 10 lab reports (that may include quizzes) and a lab final exam.



(C)        Major and final examinations

          The major exams and the final exam will be of Problem-solving type. The exams are scheduled as follows:

          First major exam          Thursday,  24 March 2005

          Second Major Exam     Thursday, 5 May 2005

          Final Exam                    4 14 June 2005                      


6)                Policy on make-up exams

a)         If you miss a major or final exam, you should go and see the Coordinator with your official excuse within three days after the exam.

b)         Only official excuses are accepted. Personal excuses are not allowed.

c)         If you attend the exam, you cannot have a make-up exam.

d)                  If you miss the exam without a valid excuse, you get a ZERO score for that exam.

e)                  The make-up will be given once, and no make-up for the make-up or the final exam.


7)                 Attendance: Attendance will be enforced and evaluated according to current university regulations. A DN grade will be given to any student exceeding 12 absences without official excuses and/or three absences in laboratory experiments. Any student in possession of an excuse for an officially authorized absence must present this excuse to his instructor no later than one week following his resumption of class attendance. Only those students who have 5 absences, or less, in the whole semester shall be promoted to higher grade if they reach the borderline ( 1 point out of 100) between two letter grades (for example F to D or B to B+, etc.).