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Personal information:

Marital status: Single

§       Nationality: Saudi

§       Age: 24

§       Place of Birth: Abha City – Saudi Arabia (1979)

§       Lecturer in Petroleum Engineering Dept. at KFUPM.



q       1997-1998               PETE-CLUB                                                            KFUPM

Active member in Petroleum Engineering Club


q       1997-1998               ME-CLUB                                                               KFUPM

Active member and coordinator of Mechanical Engineering Club Activities


q       1998-1999               CHE- CLUB                                                            KFUPM

Chief of Club Committee in Chemical Engineering Club


q       1999-2001               CHE- CLUB                                                            KFUPM

Vice President & Chief of Public Relations Committee in Chemical Engineering Club


q       2001                        PROCESS ENG. DEP.                  FOSTER WHEELER ITALIANA (FWI) ITALY-MILAN

Summer Training Program includes the following topics:

§       Steady state simulation of refinery processes.

§       Preparation of heat and material balances.

§       Concept of pinch technology.

§       Preparation of PFD, P&ID, and equipments process specification.

§       Main equipment sizing.

§       Conceptual cost estimating.


q       2002 (SUMMER)                  CONSULTANT SERVICE DEPARTMENT (CSD)          SAUDI ARAMCO

Summer Job, in which I exposed to:

§       Cathodic Protection and Coating Unit.

§       Corrosion Technology in:

  o Upstream and Downstream Corrosion

  o Water Treatment.

  o Chemical Cleaning.

§       Material Engineering


q       2002-now                               CONSULTING AND ADVISING CENTER (CAAC)                      KFUPM

Academic Advisor in the Prep Year at KFUPM.


q       2004 (SUMMER)              RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTER (R&DC)          SAUDI ARAMCO

Faculty Temporary Employment Program, in which I worked with:

§       Developing new model to  Study Drilling Fluid Optimization using Drilling Data and Available Technology

§       Construction of a New Database for Drilling Fluid LAB.

§       Building a Mud Calculator for Drilling Fluid LAB.

§       I exposed to the activities handled by Hydrocarbon Phase Behavior Unit  and Petrophysics Unit

§       Valuable time has been invested on a side work like “thermal expansion of drilling fluid and its effect on mud properties” and “fitting a correlation between chloride ion concentration and resistively as a function of temperature”




§       1991: Primary School certificate (grade: Excellent) , Abha, SA

§       1994: Elementary School Certificate (Grade: Excellent), Abha, SA

§       1997: Secondary School Certificate (Grade: Excellent) , Abha, SA

§       1997 – 2001:  Undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering Department at King Fahd

                            University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

§       January 2002: Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from KFUPM.

§       2004: Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from KFUPM.


Additional Educational Activities

§       1997-1998: Intensive English Language program, KFUPM

§       1998 : Short course in Power Point program, KFUPM

§       1998: “ Paper Recycling Industry In Australia” , Report

§       1999: Short course in Car Maintenance, KFUPM

§       2000: “Technology of Methanol Fuel Cell Vehicles and its Applications  “,  Report

§       2000: Short course in Advance Excel Program, KFUPM

§       2001: Sort course in Computer Hardware, KFUPM

§       2001: Short course in Web Page Design , KFUPM

§       2002: "New Technologies in Palladium Membrane Reactors and Their Applications"

                (Advance Reaction Kinetics) - Paper.

§       2002: "Shortcut Design Method for Hybrid Membrane – Distillation Processes For Separation of 

                 Nonideal Multicomponent Mixtures"

             (Rate Controlled Separations) - Paper.

§       2002: "Numerical and Analytical Solution for a Bidiffusion Problem"

              (Advance Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering) - Paper.

§       2003: "Evaluation and Enhancement of Polymer Modified Asphalt" 

              (Advance Processing in Polymeric Material Industry) - Paper.

§       2002: "Evaluation of Thermodynamic Properties in Natural Gas Wells and its effects on Retrograde

                   Condensation Phenomena" (Advance Thermodynamic in Chemical Engineering) - Paper.

§       2002: "Numerical Solution of Navier Stocks Equation used in Weather Prediction Problems "

              (Advance Transport Phenomena) - Paper.



Special Honors:

§       1997- 2002 : Dean’s list of honors at KFUPM, Dhahran, SA

§       Overall GPA 3.89 out of 4.0

§       Degree of BS in CHE is conferred with First Honors by KFUPM.

§       Degree of MSc. in CHE is conferred with High Honor by KFUPM.



§       Engineering Committee.

§       Saudi Society for Technology Development & Transfer (SSTDT).

§       American Institute of Chemical Engineer (AIChE).

§       Society of Petroleum Engineering  (SPE).

§       Dhahran Geosciences Society (DGS).



§       Reading, Volleyball, & Badminton.