Research Interests:

   Reservoir Engineering and Drilling Engineering

KACST - Technical Innovation Center  

Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Technical Innovation Center , KACST,. 2011, Thrust Leader  CO2 Sequestration.

Sponsored Research Projects

1.      Development of Nano-Based Oil Well Cement Slurry for High Temperature and Pressure Oil Well Cementing, NSTIP, 2010, Co-Investigator.

2.      Prediction of Permeability and Rock Mechanical Properties, and Identification of Lithofacies Using Latest Artificial Intelligence Techniques, NSTIP,    2010, Co-Investigator.

3.      A decision support system for improving directional steering, KACST, 2010, Co-Investigator.

Research Projects:

Participation in Research Institute (KFUPM) Projects:

Projects Membership and Supervision:

1.            PN-21173: Evaluation of Wettability and its Effect on Dynamic Flow Properties.

2.            Effect of Condensate Dropout on  the Productivity of Hawiyah, Jauf, Gas Condensate Wells

3.            CPM-2207: Reservoir Characterization Consortium (Saudi Aramco).

4.            CPM-2209: Reservoir Characterization Consortium (AGOC-AOC).

5.            CPM-2215: Petrophysical Rock Typing of the Arab-C and D Reservoirs, Qatif Field, Saudi Arabia.

6.            CPM-2216: A Study of Electrical Properties and Capillary Pressure Characteristics of the Safaniya Field.

7.            CPM-2218: Field Development and Implementation of Method for In-Situ Sand Consolidation by Low                   Temperature Oxidation – Phase II.

8.            CPM-2225: Laboratory Measurements of Acoustical and Geomechanical Properties in Khuff and Pre-Khuff Gas Fields.

9.            CPM-2226: Reservoir Characterization Consortium (Schlumberger Research Center, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia).

10.        CPM-2227: Wellbore Instability – Khafji Reservoir, Zuluf Field – Phase II.

11.        CPM-2228: Development of Artificial Neural Network Models for Predicting Rock Mechanical Properties.

12.        CPM-2229: Development of Marginal Oil Reserves from Tight Reservoirs.

13.        CPM-2230: Development of Pass-Through Electric Submersible Pump, Phase I: Evaluation of Technical Feasibility.

14.        CPM-2231: On-Site Coreflood Test for Uthmaniyah, Hawiyah and Haradh Areas.

15.        CPM-2232: Qatif/Arab-D Streamline Simulation Study.

16.        CPM-2234: Petrophysical Tock Typing of the Arab-D Reservoir in the Mezaleej Field.

17.        CPM-2236: Saturation Estimation from Sonic and Saturation Logs.

18.        CPM-2238: Optimization of Sand Face Drawdown in Haradh Areas.

19.        CPM-2239: Design of Downhole Gravity Separation of Oil and Water Phase I – Simulation Study for Technical Feasibility.

20.        CPM-2240: Electrical Parameters and Capillary Pressure Measurements and Analyses.

21.        CPM-2241: ANDR/SDGM Injection Targets Using Streamline Model.

22.        CPM-2242: Evaluating Formation Damage and Remedial Actions in Horizontal Wells in Haradh.

23.        CPM-2243: Field Trials on New In-Situ Sand Consolidation Methods by Low-Temperature Oxidation.

24.        FPM-2244: Further Development on In-Situ Sand Consolidation by Low-Temperature Oxidation.

25.        CPM-2246: Development of Perforation Optimization Software for Horizontal Wells.

26.        CPM-2248: Critical Assessment of Key Analytical Methods for Sanding Prediction.

27.        CPM-2249: Development of Marginal Oil Reserves – 2nd Phase.

28.        CPM-2250: Evaluation of Anisotropic Petrophysical Properties Using Whole Core Samples.

29.        CPM-2251: Validation/Tuning of Khuff Relative Permeability to Wells Test Data.

30.        CPM-2252: Developing Fuzzy Logic Modeling Capability.

31.        CPM-2253: Development of Pass-Through Electric Pump – Phase-II “Design of a Prototype”.

32.        CPM-2254: Field-Wide Transmissibility Mapping Using Interference /Pulse Testing in Haradh Increment-3.

33.        CPM-2255: Development of an Artificial Neural Network Model for Reservoir Fluid Properties (PVT).

34.        CPM-2262: Core Drill Cutting and Formation Fluids/Gas Analysis in the Area of Block “A” LUKSAR.

35.        CPM-2263: Pore Network Petrological Characterization of Arab D/Ghawar and Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia.

36.        CPM-2265: Conventional Core Analysis.

37.        CPM-2266: Analysis of Core, Drill Cutting and Formation Fluid Samples from Wells in Block “B”, Saudi Arabia.

38.        CPM-2267: Stream Line Simulation Model for HWTH Trend Injection Optimization.

39.        CPM-2269: Direct Permeability Measurements on Cuttings Using IFP DarcyLog Invention.

40.        CPM-2275: Developing Fuzzy Logic Modeling Capability – Phase II.

41.        CPM-2276: Permeability Modeling for HRDH/Khuff, using Fuzzy Logic Approach.

42.        CPM-2278: Contract for Research Services – Emirates Link ResLab, LLC, UAE.

43.        CPM-2279: Steady State Relative Permeability Estimation.

44.        CPM-2280: Reservoir Characterization – Geostatistical Data Integration for Improved Reservoir Modeling.

Projects Supervision

1.            CPM-2222: 3-D Digital Mapping of Khuff Outcrops and Reservoir Using Satellite Images, Differential GPS, and GIS

2.            CPM-2223: Horizon Velocity Analysis (HVA) Enhancement Using Spatial Deconvolution.

3.            CPM-2224: Study of Archie Parameters and CT Visualization of Fluid Flow in Arab-D Cores.

4.            CPM-2233: Laboratory Scaling Study: Compatibility of Disposal and Seawater – North Uthmaniyah.

5.            CPM-2235: Sedimentological and Petrological Description of Qatif Cores, Phase II.

6.            CPM-2237: Wavelet Phase Preserving Using Fourth-Order Cumulant for Deconvolution.

7.            CPM-2247: Predicting Log Properties from Seismic Data Using Abductive Networks.

8.            CPM-2261: Multiscale Analysis and Interpretation of Well Logs.

9.            CPM-2264: QuickBird Satellite Image Acquisition Processing and Printing for the Royal Commission in Jubail. (Royal Commission, Jubail, Saudi Arabia).

10.        CPM-2268: The Near-Surface Seismic Investigation Consortium (NSSIC).

11.        CPM-2271: The Near-Surface Seismic Investigation Consortium (NSSIC). – Repsol Exploration, Saudi Arabia.

12.        CPM-2272: The Near-Surface Seismic Investigation Consortium (NSSIC). – Schlumberger.

13.        CPM-2273: The Near-Surface Seismic Investigation Consortium (NSSIC) – South Rub Al-Khali Co. Ltd., Saudi Arabia

Theses Supervision:

M.S. Theses Supervision

(1)     Al-Otaibi, S. "Factors Affecting Pseudo Relative  Permeability", KFUPM, June 1992.

(2)     Muhammad, M. "Analytical Approach for the Factors Affecting the In-Situ Gelation Process", KFUPM, 1994.

(3)     Al-Nashmi, M., "Effect of Retarder on the Gelation Times and Stability of Polyacrylamide/Chromium III Systems", KFUPM, June 1997.

(4)     Jilani, S.M., "Evaluation of Formation Damage ", KFUPM. 2001

(5)     Hasan, S.S.., "Effect of Formation Damage, Wellbore Friction and Perforation Distribution on Horizontal Well Performance", KFUPM.2002

(6)     Abdullah Saleh Hussain Al-Yami, " Evaluation of  Manganese Tetroxide as a Weighting Material for Water Based Drill-in Fluids" , KFUPM, 2007

(7)     Khalifa Al-Amri " Novel Drilling Design for Smart MRC Wells" ( in progress)

(8)    Hesham AbdulKhaliq Mohammad, " MONITORING & IMPROVING WATER FLOODING USING STREAMLINE SIMULATION" ,Department of Petroleum Engineering, June 2009.

M.S. Theses Committees Membership

(1)     Akbar Ali, M.T.M., "Factors Affecting Capillary Pressure Measurements," KFUPM, December 1991.

(2)     Al-Gahtani, A.M., "Optimization of Horizontal Well Completions (Position, Length and Perforation Scenarios)", KFUPM, December 1997.

(3)     Fawumi, O. K., "Effect of Liquid Drop-out on the Productivity of a Rich Gas Condensate Reservoir", KFUPM 2000

(4)     Al-Muhareb, M., "Improving Sandstone Matrix Stimulation for Oil Wells by Gas Preconditioning", KFUPM 2000

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(7)      Mohammad Ali Khamis," PVT Data Quality Control" KFUPM , 2007         

(8)     Abdelrigeeb Ali Gathe, " Analysis of Archie Parameters Determination Techniques"  KFUPM.                                    

(9)     Khalid Bajaalah, KFUPM " Determination of Matrix and Fracture Permeability  in Whole Cores Using Pressure Pulse Decay ".

Ph.D. Dissertation Committee Membership
(1)     Okasha, T.M. "An Experimental Study of Oil Recovery from Tarmat Reservoirs Using Hot Water and Solvent Flooding", KFUPM, 1995.