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Dear Admission Dept,

I am looking for an admission for PhD in kinesiology field. In the following almost all required documents and I am going to send paper copies to your mail within few days.

I highly appreciate your cooperation.

Yours sincerely, Abdulaziz Aldayel

My old ID in SACM is 6-46986.

P O Box 360252 Riyadh 11313

Saudi Arabia

Email: aaldayel@gmail.com

The Documents:

  • Bachelors Degree (PDF, JPG [1][2][3])

  • Master's Degree (PDF, JPG [1][2][3])

  • Recommendations (PDF, [1][2][3])

  • Statement of Objectives (PDF)

  • Rsum (CV) (PDF)

The letter that is going to be sent (PDF).

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