Hi visitors, it has been very gratifying that the philosophy I have gained from MBS during PhD study has been acknowledged for its effectiveness. I have learned that many of the keys to handling educational ideas and challenges remain philosophical in nature and are just valuable through constructive discussion. It is a good spot to let visitors and interested individual have the chance to exchange constructive ideas. I am also interested to keep communication with my students.

"MAS and Strategic Choices” College of Industrial Management Working Paper Series number “CIM # 7-04 “.

“The value of budget information in the control process in Saudi firms” College of Industrial Management Working Paper Series number “CIM #1-04”


Dr. Muhammad Alhazmi

KFUPM # 948, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia

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Recent Research


Master Courses : Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Cost Management System

Undergraduate Courses : Accounting Principles, Management Accounting, Zakat and Income Tax

Short Courses : Cost Management Strategies

Others : Diploma, Professionals

Research Interest
Financial Accounting:
 Areas of Interest: Financial Disclosure.

Cost Management : Areas of Interest:Strategic Cost Management, Cost Management within Manufacturing Industry, Application of Activity Based Costing, Design of Cost System, Balanced Scorecard

Management Accounting : Areas of Interest: Budgeting, Management Control within Organizations

Zakat and Taxation

Professional Membership and Consultation

Professional Membership : SOCPA, AAA, MCA, SAA, GCCAAO

Professional  Consultation : Tax Appeal Committee ( Ministry of Finance)

Business Consultation : Budgeting, Accounting System, Labor Market, Reorganization

Public Sector : Tender and Bidding

Discussion Group

Professional : Accounting

Educational : Accounting Education and Critical Thinking

Consulting : Business and Public Sector

Others : Zakah and Taxation

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Accounting Related Organisation

Professional Organization

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