Course Objectives

Instructor: Irfan Ahmed Ilyas


The overall objective of this course is to introduce students to computers and equip them with practical knowledge of and skills in common computer applications including word-processing, spreadsheet, database, statistics, graphics, and communications.  Some exposure to programming fundamentals will also be provided.

 After successfully completing this course, students should:

Have developed an understanding of the value of computers to their professional and personal lives;


Have a basic knowledge of computer hardware and software, and how they contribute to the information processing cycle;


Have a working knowledge of multitude of data types;


Have acquired a useful degree of theoretical knowledge of common computer applications;


Be able to use Microsoft Office suite of products to confidently design and develop word-processing, spreadsheet, statistical, database and graphical applications, and able to use intranet/internet for various communication activities.


Have developed an understanding of the programming process and structured program design and development.


Be able to write simple program codes using Visual Basic for Applications code which will be used to automate certain tasks in a Microsoft Access database application.