Instructor: Irfan Ahmed Ilyas

 Lab Sessions   

  Topic Covered

Lab #1

WebCT Usage Tutorials

 - Practices in Microsoft Windows 2000
- Use of WebCT

Lab #2
  Practice 1

  Practice 2

  Practice 3  
Excel Tutorial#1:  Introduction to Microsoft Excel
     - When should I use MSExcel? (Flash Animation- Speakers are needed)

   Practice 1

   Practice 4

   Practice 2

   Practice 3
 Excel Tutorial#2:  Gaining Proficiency: The Web & Business Applications
Lab #4
   Practice 1

   Practice 2

   Practice 3
Excel Tutorial#3:  Spreadsheets in Decision Making: What if?

Lab #5
Excel Tutorial#4: Graphs and Charts     Practice File  docfile
Lab Exam 01 Lab Exam 01 - Microsoft Excel

 Version 01 - Sec02

 Version 02- Sec02

Lab#7  Chapter 1:
Introducing Microsoft Access  
Practice File

Lab# 8


Working with Microsoft Access Tables 

Lab# 9

Relationships & Forms   Employees    OurStudents

   More Explanations on relationships

Lab# 10  

Chapter 3: Reports & Queries 
Lab# 11/ 12  
Chapter 7 (Volume II):
                 Macros and Switchboards 

   OurStudents        SportsObjects


 Entering data in Multiple Tables with a single Form
   - How to use more a single Form to enter data in more than one tables (having 1-to-many relationships)?
  Use of Startup Options in Microsoft Access: 
     - How to configure the options?
     - For bypassing the configured options, use Shift+Enter (to open the mdb file)
Lab Exam #2: Microsoft Access (Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports  & Table Relationships )
Lab #14 Creating More Powerful Applications: Introduction to VBA I
   -Working with Form Objects using Visual Basic Coding
   -Use of DoCmd Object
   -Use of VB-Routines like msgbox, inputbox
   -Creating simple VB applications

  Database File
Lab# 15  
Chapter 8 (Volume II):

Creating More Powerful Applications: Introduction to VBA
         (Facilitating Data Entry)
    DatabaseFile    VBA Tutorial
Lab#15 Lab Exam #3: Microsoft Access ( Macros, Switchboard  & Visual Basic Coding)