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MIS105 Quiz 06  (Last Week)

Contents:   Lecture Slides #27, #28 (Chapter14: Programming)

Note: Please bring your pencils as Quiz will be taken on bubble sheets.

Lab Exam03
- Time: Will be held in Lab#15  (26th May - 30th May)
-Location: Lab 278
- Contents
 - Lab#11,  Lab#13,  Lab#14   (Macros, VBA Practices [IF, Select Case, ..], Startup options, Multiple Forms on a single form, Form Practices)
-  HWWeek10 , HW Week11
Final Exam Details

Time: Jun 10, 2007, 7:00 PM
Location: Old Administration Building (Old Orientation)

Exam Coverage

Old Topics
   -Spreadsheets (Lecture Slides 4 till 10)
   -Databases (Lecture Slides 13 till 20)

New Topics
  -Chapter 2 (Lecture Slides 23 till 26 + All pages in chapter 2)
  - Chapter 14 (Lecture Slides 27 till 28 + Pages 410 till 425, 426-429)
  - Chapter 7 (Lecturer Slides 29 + all pages in chapter 7)

Exam Contents

Chapter 2...Internet & the Web   - 30%         
Chapter 14...Programming  -30%   (both lecture & lab coverage is included)
Chapter 7..Input and Output 20%
Old topics (database  + spreadsheets) 20% (Database Forms also included)

Question Types:
    True/ False,    Multiple Choice, Blanks, Essays

MIS105 Quiz 05  - in 2nd Lecture Session (Week#13)

   Sec03 - Monday, 14th May
   Sec01, Sec02, Tuesday, 15th May

Contents:   Lecture Slides #23, #24, #25  (Chapter 2 - Internet and the Web)

Note: Please bring your pencils as Quiz will be taken on bubble sheets.

 12th May, 2007

MIS105 Quiz 04  - in Lab Session (Week#10)

Contents:   Lecture Slides #14, #15, #16, #17 (Database Concepts)

Note: Please bring your pencils as Quiz will be taken on bubble sheets.

Major Exam 02

 Time: 25th April (Wednesday) at 6:30pm  (Evening)
 Location:  Old Administration Building (OAB) Auditorium - (Old Orientation)

     Lecture Slides from 10  to 20 + Excel Charts (Lec#8)

Book Page Numbers
  Chapter06 - Complete Chapter
  Chapter03 (page 76 - 78) - Database Management Systems
  Chapter12 - Databases (Selected Topics)
                  1. Data Organization/ Key Field (page349 -350)
                  2. Databases (page 352 - 354)
                  3. Types of Databases (page 360- 361)
                  4. Database Uses and Issues (page 362)

Question Types:

      Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill in the Blanks,   Essay (Writing)

 Note: Pencils are essential. 

Posted ON: 21st April

MIS105 Quiz 03

 Section 01, 02:   Tuesday, 10th Apr|
 Section 03:  Monday, 9th of April

Contents:   Lecture Slides #8 (MS Excel Charts), #10, #11, #12 (Chapter 6)

Note: Please bring your pencils as Quiz will be taken on bubble sheets.
 April 06

LAB EXAM 01 -Microsoft Excel Practices

IN Lab #7 (Week 7)

Building 24/ 278

Section 02 - Sunday, 3:20pm - 5:10pm, 1st April
Section 03 - Monday, 1:10pm - 3:00pm, 2nd April
Section 01 - Tuesday, 1:10pm - 3:00pm, 3rd April

*   Lab Practices:  #2 to #5 (all topics-including charts)
   *Home works:  Week#1 to Week#5
   *Lab Book: Microsoft Excel (Chapter 1 4)
  31st Mar
Details about Major Exam01

22nd March, Thursday Building OAB, 6:30 - 800PM

Lecture Slides:  from Lecture#2 till Lecture#9  (Lec#8 slides are not included)
Text Book Material:
   - Chapter 01 - all pages
   - Chapter 03 - page61 till page73, page79 till page82
   - Chapter 05 -page121 till page137


MIS105 Quiz 01
 Section 01, 02:   Sunday, 4th Mar|
 Section 03:  Saturday, 3rd of Mar

Contents:   Lecture Slides #2, #3

Note: Please bring your pencils as Quiz will be taken on bubble sheets.

 Date:   22nd March, 2007, Thursday
 Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm
 Location:  OAB (Old Administration Building)

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Exam conflict notification- 
All students are advised to notify the instructor for any possible exam conflict, no later than first two weeks. Any notification after the mentioned deadline will not be entertained.
9th Sep
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