King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

College of Industrial Management

Executive MBA Program

MIS 562 - Electronic Business Strategy

Second Semester 2006-2007


Instructors:  Ibrahim Al-Jabri

Rick Watson  



On completion of this course you will:

1.     know the impact of electronic commerce on the economy, business, and strategy.

2.     be able to develop an electronic commerce strategy for an organization.

3.     conjecture intelligently on the organizational impacts of future directions in electronic commerce.



Detmar Straub (2004). Foundations of Net-Enhanced Organizations" ISBN: 0-471-44377-8, John Wiley


Class success:

The success of this class is highly dependent on a careful reading of all cases so that we get maximum value from the class’ analysis of a case.


Class Schedule (Dr. Al-Jabri)








April 11


8:00 –11:45a

Lecture 1: The Migration from Traditional to NEOs (chapter 1)

Lecture 2: Principles of Network Economy (chapter 2)

Case 1: Scott 2004, The Rise and Fall of a Dot-Com: Lessons Learned from Living Co, Annals of Cases on Information Technology, 6, pp. 1-21.


Duhr Prayer & Lunch Break




Lecture 3: Structures, Frameworks, Classes of Net-Enhancement (chapter 3)

Lecture 4: Competitive NE Strategy  (chapter 7)

Case 2: Staples, Inc., and B2C Marketing (Case 2-1, pp. 40-41)





May 30



8:00 –11:45a


Lecture 4: Business Models (chapter 8)

Lecture 5: Intermediation & Cybermediation (chapter 9)

Case 3: Its Business Model (Case 8-1, p. 236)


Duhr Prayer & Lunch Break





Lecture 6: Strategic Partnering, Outsourcing, and Virtual Organization (chapter 10)

Case 4: Alliance of Competitors (Case 10-1, p. 290)


Website report presentations



Class Schedule (Dr. Watson)













April 25




8:00 –11:45a

Lecture 1: Organizational goals and information systems

Lecture 2: Designing the net-enhanced organization (OO strategy)

Case 1: Rothstein, Cheryl, and Richard T. Watson. 2004. NetBank: The conservative Internet entrepreneurs. Communications of AIS 14 (10):1-24.

Lecture 3: U-commerce – the final revolution


Duhr Prayer & Lunch Break

Lunch discussion “What are some other examples of OO enterprises?”





Report on lunch discussion by each group


Lecture 4: CIOs matter – and so does timing

Case 2: Pitt, L.F., Watson, R.T., and Shapiro, D. "," Communications of AIS (15:8) 2005 8.

Lecture 5: The new economy?


Dinner/breakfast discussion: “What are the nuggets from the Betfair case?”










April 26





8:00 –11:45a

Report on dinner/breakfast discussion by each group

Lecture 6: The business open source

Case 3: McKeown, P. G., and Richard T. Watson. 1999. Manheim Auctions. Communications of the AIS 1 (20):1-20.

Lecture 7: Customer managed interactions

Case 4: Dunbar, Stacy, Richard T. Watson, and Marie-Claude Boudreau. 2007. Greenway Medical Technologies: challenging the goliaths in electronic medical records. Communications of the AIS.



Duhr Prayer & Lunch Break

Lunch discussion “How can information technology improve service?”




Report on lunch discussion by each group


Lecture 8: Minimizing e-customer regret

Case 5:

Group u-commerce assignment reports





Dr. Watson

Dr. Al-Jabri

Strategy report



Case report



Class participation



Website Report



Online discussion








Assignments (Dr. Al-Jabri)


Website report (20%)

Using "NE Value Chain" Model (pp. 206-211), evaluate the web presence of the firm you work with. Will you redesign your firm's website to go online with all or some of the stages of the value chain? Why or why not?


Each student will be given five minutes to present his report to the class on Wednesday, May 30, 2007. The written report must be submitted through WebCT by May 22, 2007. The PPT presentation must be submitted by May 28, 2007.


Case report (10%)

You were hired as business consultant for Living Co.  Andrew Busey asked you to prepare a report ( 5 pages) that address all the Living Co concerns and advise him on actions that he should have taken in order to have a successful dot-com company. The report must be submitted through the WebCT by April 18, 2007.


Online discussions (10%)

There are three eBusiness issues posted on the discussion board of the WebCT. You are requested to participate in this discussion forum by posting at least one comment/view on each issue. Additionally, each participant must reply once on others' comment/view on each issue.



Projects (Dr. Watson)


Strategy report (group) (15%)

Develop a u-commerce strategy for an organization with which you are familiar. You should discuss each of the u-space quadrants and what opportunities lie in each of these for the organization. Focus particularly on how you might improve customer service.


Case reports (individual) (25%)

  1. You have just been appointed CEO of Greenway Medical Technologies. Write a memo to the Board of Directors, of no more than two pages, describing and justifying the three major strategic actions you plan to make.


  1. Prepare a presentation for the CEO of no more than 10 slides describing the present state of your firm’s Web site and your analysis of the next major design change that will have to occur. Indicate why it will occur and the goals of the new site.