You are currently viewing the survey administration section of LimeSurvey.

From this point you can view and control the general setup of your survey. You can also add new groups or select an existing group to view or edit.

Button Options:

Survey Active: This icon will be displayed if your survey has been activated and is ready to save responses.
De-Activate Survey: Click on this to de-activate an active survey
Survey Inactive: This icon will display if your survey has not been activated
Activate Survey: Click on this to activate an inactive survey
Do/Test Survey: Click on this to do the survey (or test it if the survey is currently inactive)
DataEntry: Click on this for the dataentry screen. This is designed for dataentry of hard-copy survey responses
Printable Version: Click on this to see a 'printable' version of the survey.
Edit Survey: Click on this to edit details of the current survey.
Order Groups: Re-Order the groups in that survey
Delete Survey: Click on this to delete your survey. This button will only display if there are no groups.
Export Survey: Click on this to export your survey including all groups, questions, answers and conditions to a file.
Browse Results: Click on this to browse the responses to your survey. This is only available if the survey is active.
Tokens: Click on this manage tokens for the current survey.
Add Group: Click on this to add a new question group to your survey.


Adding a New Group
Click on to add a new group to your survey.

All surveys must have at least one group. Groups are used to 'group' questions together into logical groupings. A group has a name and a description. When you choose "Add Group" you will be presented with a blank screen containing two fields to complete. Group Name: The title of your group. This field must be completed, and it also determines the order in which your group is displayed when the survey is being completed. The groups are ordered alphabetically be Group Name, and so you should consider naming groups in alphabetical order. eg: "Section 1:) About you." , "Section 2:) Your views.".  Group Description: This field is optional, and can be used to give a description of the group that will be displayed to survey participants as they complete the survey. If no group description is given, participants completing surveys presented in a "One at a time" format, will not be shown separate pages showing the group name and description.