Antworten-Set Administration:
You are currently viewing the Labels section of the Label Sets Administration Screen.

From this point you can (usually) add, remove or edit the labels within a 'label set'. Labels consist of a 'code', and a 'title'. The code will not be visible to survey participants but is used to save the response. You can modify the order in which the label titles appear using the "Up" and "Dn" buttons. The highest placed label will appear at the left, and the lowest place at the right.

If a label set is being used by an existing survey, this screen will display a warning suggesting that adding or deleting items may cause unintended consequences. Because Label Sets can be shared by more than one survey or question, modifying a label set should be approached with caution to ensure that you don't mess up another survey you are using.

If a label set is being used by an existing survey that has been activated, you will not be able to add, delete or change the code of any entries. You will, however be able to modify the "Title" text or change the order in which the titles appear.

The following options are available in the Labels Toolbar:

Edit Label Set: Click on this icon to edit the name of the labelset you are currently viewing
Delete Label Set: Click here to delete the entire label set including all labels. Note that you cannot delete a label set that is currently being used by any survey, whether active or not.
Export Label Set: Click here to export the label set to a file for later use or sharing with other LimeSurvey users