My Research

Consumer Perceptions of Rebranding: The Case of Logo Changes, University of Texas at Arlington, August 2007.
Saleh AlShebil Dissertation Abstract&Preface.pdf



AlShebil, Saleh, Abdul Rasheed, and Hussam Al-Shammari (2007), “Battling

Boycotts,” The Wall Street Journal*, April 28-29, R1, R6 &R11.

Conference Papers:

AlShebil, Saleh, Abdul Rasheed, and Husam Al-Shammari (2005) “Coping with

Boycotts: An Analysis and Framework” Academy of International Business

Conference, July 2005, Quebec City, Canada.

AlShebil, Saleh, (2006) “Are ‘Paradigms Lost’ in Marketing?...Some Twenty Years

Later: A Content Analysis,” Association for Consumer Research Conference,

September 2006, Orlando, Florida.

Are Paradigms Lost in Marketing.pdf