From November 4  VERY IMPORTANT POINT IN SECTION 3 --   Subject: Gestures.

Please remember our first days of MGT 210.  The model of communication always functions within its environment and the communicator (if he is to be effective) must plan his message content and delivery according to the dictates of that environment in which he communicates.

If certain gestures – or any use of gestures at all – make you feel uncomfortable, there are a few things you can do.

1)      Ignore the advice, because you think you will never use it in your work   OR . . .

2)      Try to learn what you can (remember the handout on listening – “listen for what you can use”).  OR . . .

3)      Make sure you understand the information and use what is appropriate for you (be aware to avoid).


From October 23  Today we discussed the SHORT REPORT.  Remember that this is in MEMO format, and that it is not like a report from English 101 or even English 214.  This is short, has defined sections and is exactly to the point with clarity and crispness.  Good luck in your writing.  It is 50% of the final presentation grade.


From October 10  Be ready for the writing.  Stay on time, ahead of schedule if possible.


From September  9 Correction on the handout for “How to Reach different Audiences.”  There are 4 audiences, Primary, Secondary, Key Decision Maker and Gatekeeper.  Please look at the revised version on the website now.






From September 2  Please remember and know that I am very serious about what was explained in class today.

All of you have the responsibility to do the work that is assigned – when it is assigned.

Thank you for showing your maturity.