Advice to do well on the case


1)  What is the purpose of the case?  What is the message?   How will you communicate it?


2)                         Ask yourself:  What are the main points that the manager must say?  Why did you and your partners make the cuts?  What do you all want to accomplish by making these cuts?


3)                        Ask yourself:  Are we following the 4 steps of Bad News in the speaking and writing?


4)                        Ask yourself:  Do we KNOW THE CASE well?  Look carefully at the cuts.  From where are the employees?  Any thoughts come to you about compensation, when you think about the cuts and the employees?


5)                        Did you READ THE INSTRUCTIONS?  Follow them!


6)                        What are you going to say for the Follow Up?



a)            Prepare a list of questions to ask the other group’s manager.

b)            Prepare another list of questions to prepare YOUR manager for possible questions that might come to him related to the case, (and unrelated for example: “why don’t we take a loan from the bank?)